Sponsorship application infographics

To give an overview for anyone who may find it helpful, we have prepared 'infographic' presentations of the Sponsorship application process.

Please click on the heading below for the type of study you are planning:

Infographic for CTIMPs

UoB Sponsorship Infographic- CTIMPS (10)

Infographic for all other studies

UoB Sponsorship Infographic- all other studies (7)

Please note that these infographics are intended to help make the application process easier to grasp, but unfortunately cannot replace our full guidance.  For more detailed information on how to apply for Sponsorship please see our main application guidance page.

For any queries or issues relating to the application process, or if you have feedback on these infographics, please contact the Research Governance team via researchgovernance@contacts.bham.ac.uk.


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