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The Facilities Management Team is responsible for the effective and sustainable management of the College estate. It also ensures that the operation and maintenance of the facilities support the academic, research and administrative functions of the University while balancing financial and technical constraints with health and safety and aesthetic concerns.

The estate comprises of seven buildings, the location of these can be seen on the University Campus Map, which include:

  • Alan Walters, R29 - A new building to the portfolio, completed in 2016, which provides office space to the Business School's postgraduate programme teams and teaching for postgraduate students in a variety of lecture theatres and seminar rooms.
  • Ash House, O4 - Located on the Edgbaston Business Park, providing office space to the Business School.
  • J G Smith, R20 - This building comprises of office space for the Business School and three teaching rooms.
  • Education, R19 
  • Muirhead Tower, R21
  • Park House, G19
  • University House, O3 - The main home of the Business School, this 1900's building provides office accommodation to academic and professional services staff, as well as a variety of meeting and teaching spaces.

Facilities Helpdesk

The Facilities Helpdesk provides a central point of contact to make general enquiries, report faults or request maintenance or facilities services, which may include cleaning, porterage, security, waste management, workplace compliance, classroom setups, keys, signs, printing etc. 

How to contact us

  • To contact a member of the team please email SOC-c-cossfacilities@adf.bham.ac.uk

  • The helpdesk operating hours are Monday to Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.
  • Outside of these hours for emergency support you can contact Security on 0121 414 3000 (emergencies 0121 414 4444)

What details do you need to provide?

  • Contact details: name, telephone number and email address
  • Location of the problem: Building and room number
  • Details of the request/problem

What happens next?

  • You will receive an acknowledgment email once your request has been received. If you need to communicate with us about the request, just reply directly to the email.
  • Once we believe the problem has been resolved or the request has been dealt with, you will receive another email acknowledgment to inform you of this. If for any reason you don’t feel it has been resolved, just reply directly to the email.

Facilities Services & Useful Information

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Contact the Team

Gary Stanton
College Head of Facilities
Muirhead Tower
Telephone: 0121 414 8433
Email: G.Stanton@bham.ac.uk


Clive Jeynes
Facilities Manager
School of Education
Telephone: 0121 414 4801
Email: C.E.Jeynes@bham.ac.uk

Mustafa Al-Dhubab
Facilities Manager
Park House/Muirhead Tower
Telephone: 0121 414 8185
Email: M.N.Al-Dhubab@bham.ac.uk

Neil White
Facilities and Support Services Manager
Birmingham Business School
Telephone: 0121 414 2549 / 07976 434 344
Email: N.White.3@bham.ac.uk

Richard Bell
Facilities Assistant
Birmingham Business School
Telephone: 0121 414 9036 / 07976 434 234
Email: R.P.Bell@bham.ac.uk

Trudy Smith
Facilities Assistant
Birmingham Business School
Telephone: 0121 414 5015 / 07976 434 301
Email: T.J.Smith@bham.ac.uk





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