Birmingham Business School

Birmingham Business School is a large and diverse School with students and staff from all around the world. There's a place here for everyone to achieve their very best outcomes. The School's ethos is based on the concept of responsible business. This means that we see our teaching and research as being focussed on the wider role that business and organisations play in society.

During your studies you will be introduced to these ideas. So alongside what you may think of as normal business issues, such as how to make an organisation more efficient, you will also look at issues such as equity, environmental impacts and sustainability. In the last 3 years we have been redesigning all of our programmes to include responsible business as a theme that runs alongside their main focus. Our work in this area has been recognised as being outstanding and has been used as a case study of best practice by the Chartered Association of Business Schools

As well as including these ideas in your studies there will also be the opportunity to explore them in the events we hold in the School such as the Responsible Business Challenge we run along with Deloitte

School Key contacts

Student Experience Officers

  • Tobiloba Osogbiye (PGT/MBA)
  • Zakaria Philip (UG/TNE)


Education Support Officers

Here are the contact details for your Education Support Team. You can contact your administrator when you need support for issues related to the organisation of your course such as timetabling, assessments, lectures and Canvas.

This is also the email address for you to write to if you are unsure where to direct your query.

Wellbeing Team


Contact the wellbeing team for pastoral support and any queries about disability support and reasonable adjustments.

Academic leads

Head of Education: Nicki Newman 

Head of Undergraduate Studies: Kamilya Sulymenova 

Head of PostGraduate Studies: Dan Wheatley

Senior Tutor (Personal Tutoring): Dr Joseph Bromfield

Senior Tutor (Wellbeing): Dr Jing Du

Spotlight on Research

Read more about the research going on in the School with a focus on responsible business: we aim for our work to have a real impact, from helping local communities to influencing global debate.

School Societies

There are many student societies at our Guild of Students that have some relation to Business. The societies we work most closely with are the Business Society and Economics Society. We support the societies to organise both social and learning activities and help them to connect with our extensive alumni community.

You may also be interested to know about other societies such as Marketing, Women in Finance, and Public Speaking.

Once you become a registered student, you will be able to join or set up your own society through the Guild of Students.

Any Recommended Reading

You can keep up with what is going on in the School, current research and teaching ideas on our blog

Read more about research in the Business School


Professional Services