Changing the name of our school

The School of Government and Society has changed its name to School of Government from August 2019. The proposed change reflects on growing expertise in different aspects of government and governance as one of the larger and more diverse Schools of its kind in the UK.

Why do we need to change the name of the School?

Both our education and research has a strong focus on all forms of government and governance from local (represented by INLOGOV) to global (including a long track record of work on governance within the International Development Department).  Changing the name to ‘School of Government’ would recognise this shift and focus.

This change does not affect the portfolio of programmes.

How does this affect my study and degree qualification?

Students currently studying programmes in the School will not see any changes to their programme modules or degree certification. Those studying programmes with sociology will continue to benefit from the close collaboration the School has with the School of Social Policy.

What does this mean for staff in the School?

Staff in the School will experience very little change in operational business. We will work closely with colleagues to ensure that the new name is updated across our various systems and networks. We thank staff in advance for their support in ensuring the transition is smooth and timely.

Why does the School no longer require 'Society'?

Since the successful move of Sociology to the School of Social Policy in 2016, the School is almost exclusively focused on different aspects of government and governance. The new name is a more accurate reflection of the education portfolio and research expertise of the departments.

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