Principal appointed for new University of Birmingham School

The University of Birmingham and the governors of the University of Birmingham School are delighted to announce the appointment of one of the country’s most outstanding headteachers to its flagship training school.

Michael Roden, Head of King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys in Birmingham, will join the University of Birmingham School as Principal in April 2014 in order to prepare for its opening in September 2015.

This is a critical appointment, not just for the University but for the entire city" says Professor David Eastwood, Vice-Chancellor. "The University of Birmingham School will be the first of its kind in the UK – aiming to provide the very best education available anywhere, to a truly comprehensive cohort of pupils.

“Michael Roden has a proven track record of leading one of the best schools in the country. His new challenge will be recreating this level of excellence at a school that is non-selective for pupils aged 11-16, developing an exciting and innovative sixth form provision, and establishing the School as a beacon of excellence in teacher development.”

The pioneering institution will be a free,mixed ability, co-educational state school for students aged 11-16, with abroad, academic sixth form. Although it will be located close to the University’s main campus, it will take pupils from across the city, helping to meet the anticipated shortfall in secondary school places across Birmingham. The City Council expects that more than 2,000 additional  Year 7 places will be needed by 2020.

On accepting the post, Mr Roden said: “I am delighted to be asked to lead this exciting and unique addition to the educational provision in the city.”

Professor Michael Clarke, chair of governors of the University of Birmingham School, said: “The School will be a leading centre for teacher training and will work closely with the University’s Education Department; driving forward world-class research in teaching and school improvement. It will work in partnership with other schools and networks to support high-quality education across Birmingham, nationally, and internationally.”

The University currently educates 350 new teachers a year and its teacher training provision has been rated as“outstanding” by Ofsted.

There will be no entrance exams for admissions to Year 7 and pupils will be admitted without consideration of religion, ability, disability, or social or financial background. Students with special educational needs (SEN) will benefit from the University’s expertise in SEN education; all pupils will benefit from access to University facilities.

Pupils will study a broad range of academic subjects, including three sciences and a modern language at GCSE to prepare them for selective universities.


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