Saving mothers' lives at Glow conference


Research bringingbetter healthcare closer to mothers and babies worldwide

On Friday 1 November the GLOW Conference 2013brought together over 140 professionals from around the world to share theirexperiences and to guide the future development of research and clinical policyin the field of global women’s and newborn health. A symposium busy with presentationsand posters from committed specialists disseminated astute and exciting insights to make a difference in savingmothers’ and babies’ lives, especially in low and middle income countries. Speakersdrew attention to priorities for working beyond Millennium Development Goals, theimportance of respectful patient care and appreciation of the persistent socio-economicchallenges facing many women, their families and healthcare providers in developingcountries. During the afternoon practical discussions and tailored workshops enabledparticipants to examine key themes around working abroad, health partnerships,maternal mortality and maternal morbidity.

The event was hosted by Ammalife and the Universityof Birmingham in the spectacular Great Hall of the University.

Professor Arri Coomarasamy, Conference Chair,explained: "Using research to find what works and what doesn’t is afundamental need, as it allows everyone to make wise decisions about where toinvest to have the maximum benefit. I urge everyone to consider how they cancontribute."

Ammalife and the GLOW team would like to thank allthe delegates of the event for giving so freely of themselves to create such a memorableand successful occasion. The friendships made and understandings developed canonly contribute to the vibrancy of research to improve women’s healthcare inthe future.

The next event will be held in London in 2014. Seeyou there!


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