Statement from University of Birmingham 02.02.15

Universities are places of free speech, we respect the rights of students and staff to protest peacefully and within the law and this is reflected in the regular peaceful protests that take place across campus addressing a diverse range of issues.  As a University our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our students, staff and the wider community.  Regrettably a number of recent occupations have caused considerable concern; raising significant safety issues, causing intimidation to staff and students, and disruption to the teaching of hundreds of students.  As a result of the nature of these occupations and the ongoing risk of similar activity, the University has had its Writ of Possession extended.  This allows the University to quickly act to regain possession of any unauthorised occupations on any part of campus but does not impact on peaceful protests taking place.  Details of the Order extending the Writ of Possession have been put up across campus and can also be viewed here.


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