Staff Fundraising Week 2016

Staff fundraising 2016

15-19 February

Staff Fundraising Week is your opportunity to support Dr Frank Mussai’s research into childhood cancer  everyone can get involved, whether by organising an event or attending one, or even taking on a sponsored challenge during the week. From bake sales to a silly socks day, a quiz or a book sale there are plenty of ideas and further information on the website. 

You can help children to overcome cancer by supporting the creation of revolutionary new treatments. Dr Mussai and his team of researchers at the University are developing ways to use the body’s own immune system to fight cancer as opposed to treatments using toxic drugs such as chemotherapy. In children, this will have a transformative impact on their treatment options and could unlock the door to life-saving new cures for all patients with cancer.

Every donation really does count, so please download a fundraising pack for fun ideas and tips for making your event a success. If you would like more information please contact Clare Weston at or on ext. 48895.

Thank you for supporting life-changing research.


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