Yoyo Wallet

10% off food & drink* with Yoyo Wallet

To celebrate the arrival of a new payment method on campus, Yoyo Wallet,from Monday 26 September 2016 we’re giving you 10% off any food and drink purchases you make when you use Yoyo Wallet.

What is Yoyo Wallet?

Yoyo Wallet is a new and exciting way to simply pay for food and drink using your mobile. As well as being sent discounts you can also collect loyalty points on a variety of different purchases.

Yoyo means you can buy food and drink without having to use cash or your bank card, you can now simply show your phone. You’ll be able to make payments quickly and collect points on every penny you spend. You can also Bulk Buy across a number of promotions, allowing you to get more than what you paid for.

Is it secure?

Yes. Yoyo Wallet uses a QR code that changes dynamically even when offline. This ensures that payment details are never exposed making it one of the safest payment methods around. You will also be sent digital receipts from your purchases making sure you keep your pockets lighter.

Where can I use it?

Yoyo Wallet can be used at almost all food and drink outlets on campus, if you’re unsure if the outlet you’re paying out uses Yoyo, just ask a member of the team.

How to collect points?

Loyalty points can be collected on almost all food items - £1 spent = 100points which can be saved up and spent on different items across campus.

All you have to do to get started is download the Yoyo Wallet app which is available on Android and Apple iOS. 

*Terms and conditions apply. Restrictions apply to the 10% offer; details of what food and drink items are not included are outlined on the App.  This offer runs until Friday 21 October 2016. Students that are on Meal Plan are unable to take advantage of the 10% offer but can still download Yoyo Wallet to use when once they have spent their weekly allowance. Yoyo Wallet can’t be used at all locations on campus,  ask the team if they take Yoyo payments.


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