Free file sharing service for University research staff

All University research staff and research students now have free access to BEAR DataShare, the University’s approved alternative to Dropbox.

What is BEAR DataShare?

BEAR DataShare is a free file synchronisation and sharing service provided by IT Services. The service allows you to securely save and sync your files with your colleagues and partners anywhere in the world, from any device. 

Why should I use BEAR DataShare?

BEAR DataShare has been approved by the University as an alternative to Dropbox, which does not comply with the University’s GDPR policy

Unlike Dropbox and other cloud based storage services, all your data is securely stored in the UK in our Data Centres on campus.

You are provided with a generous 25GB quota and features such as the option to add password protection to file links. Individual files (of up to 10GB) can be shared via any device or web browser to any email address.  

How do I access BEAR DataShare?

All staff and postgraduate research students now have their own DataShare account automatically created. To access the service visit the web portal at and log in with your University username and password.

For more information visit the BEAR DataShare intranet page


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