Almost 600 new staff parking spaces

Almost 600 additional car parking spaces are now available to staff on the former Munrow and running track site. This is part of a series of actions being taken in response to feedback from staff.

In addition to the new spaces, which are provided in this location on a medium term basis before a longer term solution is finalised, Liftshare spaces has been increased to 57. In addition, historically, empty Liftshare spaces have been open to any driver after 9.30am, but this has now been changed to 10am, in a bid to provide more practical support for those who come to campus later in the day due to factors including caring responsibilities. Liftshare will now be operated using a new app, which is already operational, making it easier for users.

Car sharing is on the increase - at the University of Birmingham, only 35% of staff drive single occupancy vehicles, as opposed to the national average of 57% and car use is down among undergraduate and postgraduate students. We are also installing more electric charging points on campus, for those who have electric vehicles. In addition, University staff cycling, taking the bus and using the train to get to and from work continues to increase. If you want to consider a different way to get to work, check out the Sustainable Travel page on the intranet.


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