University of Birmingham statement – Edgbaston Park Hotel

The Edgbaston Park Hotel is not outsourced, it is a wholly owned subsidiary managed by an external board and accountable to the University, a model which is common in higher education and has been used successfully elsewhere.

Pay, terms and conditions at the Hotel are favourable for the hotel sector, with everyone paid above the National Living Wage and staff have access to bonus and other financial incentives, which further enhance the published rates of base pay.

Part of a truly global and diverse campus, the Hotel welcomes staff from all backgrounds, values diversity and provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of the University community. Staff are not employed on zero-hour contracts, but as is normal for the hotel sector and on rare occasions, staff do see some small variation in the hours they are required to work, depending on the level of trade and seasonal peaks.

Like other Universities, Birmingham generates cash to invest in a high quality student experience, in world leading research, and in our staff and our campus and facilities.


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