Booking annual leave

Changes to booking annual leave for Administrative and other Academic related (AoR) and Academic staff went live on 1 October, and with effect from this date, annual leave for staff on these terms and conditions should now be booked through Core Systems ( Core Login ).    

What this means to you  

Your annual leave balance, regardless of your FTE, will now be shown in hours on Core.   

This system will also show your total annual leave allowance for the year inclusive of entitlement to bank holidays and closed days. You will need to book these hours off in Core as a bank holiday or closed day as follows:  

  1. Select ‘annual leave’  

  1. Select ‘bank holiday or closed days’  

You can do this now. It only takes a couple of minutes and does not need management approval on Core.   

As a reminder, the bank holidays and closed days you need to book are:  

  • Thursday 22 – Friday 23 December 2022   
  • Monday 26 December – Friday 30 December 2022  
  • Monday 2 January 2023  
  • Friday 7 April 2023   
  • Monday 10 April - Wednesday 12 April 2023  
  • Monday 1 May 2023  
  • Monday 29 May 2023  
  • Monday 28 August 2023  

For part time staff not working five days per week, you only need to book the bank holiday and closed days that would otherwise fall on one of your normal working days. Use the annual leave calculator to check your leave allowance. 

 You do not need to book the additional three closed days in December 2022 (Monday 19 December – Wednesday 21 December 2022 inclusive) through Core as these are an exception. Further information on these additional days can be found here: Closed days (  

Note: These changes will go live on Core for support staff on 1 January 2023. Prior to which further guidance will be provided. 


Carrying leave forward from the previous year  

For leave not taken in the 2022 leave year (October 2021 to September 2022), and which is being carried over, will need to be managed outside of Core (maximum of the equivalent of one week).  For future years, Core will do this automatically. For this year, please do not log carried over annual leave on Core.  


Further guidance  

There are some helpful FAQs and guidance on canvas about how to book leave, view balances and approve leave (for line managers) which can be accessed here: Annual leave (    

Finally, if you have any immediate queries about booking annual leave on Core, please contact your local HR team via the HR Portal using the category ‘Annual Leave Query’.  Additionally, HR Advisory Services will be running drop-in sessions for staff who have queries.  These sessions will be held in the Central Staff Hub, Aston Webb Building on the following days:  

  • Tuesday 25 October 12.30pm – 2pm  
  • Tuesday 1 November 12pm – 1.30pm  


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