Welcome to New Core


Introduction to New Core

New Core is a major change programme providing us with the opportunity to
re-design our core Finance, HR and Payroll processes and improve
management information to facilitate decision making.

What does New Core mean for me?

The project is looking to transform the way that finance, HR and payroll
activities are carried out. The changes in process will require less manual
intervention and will result in a dramatic reduction in the amount of paper that
is pushed around the University. Please read more on how it may affect you.

New Core news

7 July 2017

The New Core team team recently carried out a Programme-wide review in light of the complex integration required between current and new HR, Payroll, and Finance systems across the University. As a result of this a re-based plan for New Core activity was presented to, and approved by, University governance bodies in June 2017

Why was the Programme reviewed? Plans for New Core system delivery were reviewed in light of the complexity of the integration that is required between the new and current systems across the University. This activity was undertaken in order to ensure that University needs and business requirements for HR, Payroll, and Finance functionality are met within the New Core system, and that any new ways of working will be as robust as possible for users.

When will the new system launch? Proposed launch timelines for HR, Finance, and Payroll elements of the new system are as shown below with provisional phased launch dates:

Launch PhasesWider Programme activity still continues apace, and the New Core team would like to thank all colleagues who are involved in implementation activity. 

What does this mean for me? The Programme team will continue to work closely with HR, Payroll, and Finance colleagues on delivery of new processes and existing systems and ways of working will continue to be provided and fully supported ahead of New Core launch. New Core delivery will be supported by testing, training, communications, and change management activity. This support and ways in which you can get involved, and provide feedback on New Core, will be promoted across the University throughout the coming months.

If you have any further questions or feedback please email the team at newcore@contacts.bham.ac.uk.