Vice-Chancellor's Challenge

Congratulations to Green Economy Group 1 for Winning the Vice-Chancellor's Challenge 2022!

Our theme this year was Seeking Solutions to Global Challenges. After a great competition with a lot of fantastic ideas produced, Green Economy Group 1 succeeded in the final with their idea, Loos Waste. The panel commented on how impressed they were not only with our three finalists, but all the submissions they had seen.

During the Challenge, students get the chance to work closely with each other to tackle some of the great challenges facing our planet with support from the University at every step, and we're always excited to see what solutions our participants come up with. If you are a student interested in joining the Vice-Chancellor's Challenge next year, or a staff member interested in becoming an academic mentor, please drop us an email - we'd love to hear from you!

To learn more about the Challenge, you can take a look at our previous winnersread our overview of the competition or follow us on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.



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