Consent Matters

We’re launching an interactive online course to help our student community learn more about the boundaries of sexual consent. The course only takes one hour to complete, and we are strongly recommending that all students participate. There’s always something new to learn and understand.

There are three main topics which the course covers:

  • Thinking about Consent
  • Communications Skills and Relationships
  • Looking out for Others.

These modules propose important discussions on the boundaries of consent, the different forms of communication in a relationship, how to overcome fears and worries and dealing with difficult situations.

The broad areas that this course educates will help you develop a deeper understanding of sexual boundaries and be beneficial in interactions with other people. We strongly encourage you to enrol on the Consent Matters Canvas Course to help to demonstrate your support and willingness to work together to keep our community and ensure all students, staff, and visitors are treated with dignity and respect.

Enrol in this course

Please be reassured that the subject matter is tackled in a clear and sensitive manner, however we recognise that the contents of this course may be triggering for some. If you are concerned about completing the course, you always have the option to consider taking part when you feel ready to do so.

Specialist support is also available to anyone who has been subjected to sexual harassment. The University's Report and Support tool gives students a voice to report sexual harassment, as well as other behaviours, either anonymously or with contact details to request an appointment with a trained Responder. It is normal to feel a mixture of emotions and feelings, including those of being isolated and confused Here at the university, you are not alone. There are multiple networks to offer guidance, support, or reassurance. There is no place on our campus and within our community for sexual or other forms of harassment.

The University of Birmingham and the Guild of Students collaborated on the  "Not-On" campaign, aiming to create an inclusive and welcoming space free from sexual harassment issues. We believe that any form of sexual harassment is never acceptable. Our campuses, accommodation and surrounding areas should be a safe space to work, study and socialise for every member of our UoB community. We recognise that every person should feel respected, secure, and safe wherever they are.

If you’ve been subjected to a crime, it’s important to know that you’re not to blame. What happened to you was not your fault. The choices you make are your own and we’re here to give you the support and advice you need. The University of Birmingham is committed to providing person-centred support for all students making a disclosure through our Report and Support tool. We can help support you, whatever you decide to do, and for as long as you need us. 

Additionally, these experiences can have an impact on your mental health. Our Wellbeing teams offer a wide variety of support to suit your preferences. You can register with Mental Health and Wellbeing Team, seek support in the Pause@UoB Drop-In Sessions or reach out to UB Heard for 24/7 confidential listening and support service. Experiencing forms of sexual harassment on any scale can impact on your life and day-to-day experiences.

Seeking support can often feel daunting and overwhelming. Be reassured that we do have safe and supportive spaces for you to express your feelings, emotions and experiences with the guidance and assistance of trained professionals. By speaking out and seeking support, you are being brave and courageous.


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