Exams taking place in the Munrow Arena

In order to ensure you are ready for your exam in the Munrow Arena:

  1. Check your  seat allocation via your online timetable, this will ensure you are able to get quickly to your seat.
  2. Don’t bring bags and coats if you don’t need to.  There is some space to store bags at the back of the room, but with 900 other students storing their items it can take some time to retrieve your items at the end of the exam.
  3. Doors to the Munrow Arena are located to the left of the main building entrance – the Munrow Arena cannot be accessed via the Sports and Fitness Centre reception.  Please avoid using the main reception area to wait as this can block a main safety route out of the building.
  4. Doors open 30 minutes before the exam commences, this is the best time to arrive at the venue. If you’d like to arrive earlier please ensure you wait away from the doors to the building and clear of the steps to ensure access is maintained and no one trips or falls. If you do arrive early, please wait on the pathways overlooking the pitches, indicated in yellow below; this is a quiet and safe place to wait and invigilators will ensure you are collected when the Munrow Arena doors open.  Please avoid waiting at the rear of the Guild/Underground venue.
  5. At the end of your exam avoid gathering in the immediate area around the doors to the venue. Keeping the entrances and exits clear and avoiding congregating on the steps will ensure everyone is safe and has easy access to the Sports and Fitness Centre.

For more information on getting to the Munrow Arena, please visit the campus map page.

For more information on exams, please visit the Exams intranet page. 


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