CAL Attendance Recording and Reasonable Diligence 2021/2022

This handbook explains how and why the College of Arts and Law records and monitors student attendance and engagement.

Last Updated: 4th November 2021

Why does the College of Arts and Law record attendance?

So that we can offer students enhanced support.

Non-attendance can sometimes be an indicator that a student may benefit from further support or guidance from either an academic or wellbeing perspective. Similarly, improved attendance and continuous attendance can lead to higher academic achievement. By recording and monitoring student’s presence and engagement we aim to provide you with suitable support, and help you perform to your highest standard.

So the University can hold students to principles and standards.

The University Regulations and Codes of Practice contain principles and standards designed to control or govern conduct or provide direction at a more detailed level than Ordinances. As such, the University of Birmingham requires that all students attend and engage with their programmes; this is done by attending their teaching sessions, such as Lectures, Seminars, Supervisions or Personal Tutor Sessions, and submission of all assessed and unassessed work on time.

It is a legal requirement.

All students are liable for the tuition fee set by the University which is payable in full at registration, unless they have opted to take out a UK government loan or opted to pay via an instalment plan. In order for the Student Loans Company (SLC) to accurately assess a student’s eligibility for fee and maintenance support and for the University to receive correct tuition fee payments our internal attendance monitoring systems must be effective.

The UK Visas and Immigration Office (UKVI) requires that international on a Student Route Visa are monitored for academic engagement through a series of contact points throughout the academic year. Recording and reviewing attendance helps the University demonstrate that students are not only meeting the required contact points, but are also engaging academically.

So the University can offer the best service possible.

By monitoring and recording attendance and engagement the College and the University can continually review the standard of resources and provisions and provide the best possible service to its students.

How Attendance is recorded

During the shift to remote and then hybrid learning, the methods by which we have recorded attendance have changed. As of 01/05/2022 attendance is being recorded across the College using the MyAttendance system. The method involves inputting a code into the MyAttendance App, which will be provided to you by the academics leading your teaching session. Academics will provide you with a code if your attendance needs to be recorded at that session.

For any problems with finding, sharing, or inputting codes both staff and students can contact CALSAT to resolve the issue.

How MyAttendance works

The MyAttendance app produces codes for each taught session that are then shared with students within sessions by academics.

Students then input this code into the app, which then records their attendance. For more information on how to access/use the app, please check the Student FAQs.

Academics can find the code to share with students via the app. However, if there are any issues Academics can contact CALSAT who should be able to provide them with the code for their session.

Please note that session codes are only available a maximum of 48hrs before the session is due to take place.

If students encounter any issues with the app then the first port of call should be the IT Service Desk. However, if there are problems inputting the code or the code appears to be incorrect, then students can fill out a CAL Attendance Confirmation Form which will inform CALSAT of the error and ensure their attendance for that session is recorded.

Where can I go for more help and information on attendance recording?

You can find a more thorough list of Frequently Asked Questions at our Staff FAQ and Student FAQ pages. These outline in more detail what to do in case of a problem with MyAttendance or the interim attendance capture, as well as how to inform the University of any issues you may be facing.

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