The heritage sector generally covers work in museums and historic buildings, as well as archaeology and archives which have separate sections.

There are a range of roles available, including:

Education and Outreach in Heritage

Museum educators ensure that museums remain accessible, educational resources for a wide range of audiences.

This can involve hosting school groups, running talks and workshops, developing educational resources to facilitate engagement with the museum and its collections, or evaluating the museum’s engagement of different audiences. There is information on the role of a museum educator on the Prospects website.

Working with historic buildings and conservation

Historic buildings inspectors, also referred to as conservation officers, advise on and promote the conservation of historic buildings and sites. There is a job profile with information about the role of a Historic Buildings Inspector on the Prospects website.

Working in curating

Curators manage museum and gallery collections and may have a range of other responsibilities (e.g. fundraising, public engagement) depending on the size of the museum or gallery in which they work.

Curators will often have qualifications in their particular specialist area so, for example, a curator of ancient Greek or Roman artefacts is likely to have studied in a relevant field, such as ancient history or archaeology. As a result, a postgraduate research qualification is often valued in the field. You can find information on working as a curator on the Prospects website.

Other roles that involve ensuring that collections are properly cared for involve Collections Managers.

Working in heritage consultancy

Heritage consultants are responsible for the conservation and management of sites like historic buildings, landscapes, museums, monuments and other properties. They may also work for consultancies, providing guidance on how to manage heritage issues that arise on construction sites.

For this route, you will need the knowledge and tools to understand the history of a site and its context today, so studying Heritage Management is a popular way in to heritage consultancy.

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