Joshua Lindo

Economics with a Year in Computer Science, 2024
10K Black Interns Programme
Operations Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley

Video transcript

How did you hear about the 10K Black Interns programme?

My journey started through a recommendation of the 10k Black Interns through a friend when it was called 100 Black Interns. I ended up pulling out of the application process in 1st year due to the circumstance of Covid 19 at university. I re-applied in my second year where I got offered 3 internships.

What was the recruitment process like?

The application of the 10K Black Interns was straight forward process; choose 4 industries and submit 4 cover letters. Once your companies are chosen, you continue with application process through their websites. I was supported by 10k Black Interns throughout the whole process. There were seminars and zoom sessions of all the black representatives from 24 industries that gave insight into their role and daily life. This helped me to make an informed decision into choosing my chosen industries.

I chose Fin-Tech, Property, Investment management and consultancy. This was the most valuable, as I was inspired by people that have established themselves in industries that my career could go down. Furthermore, it was great to see successful professionals that look like me that come from the same background. They provided the secret rules and the gems to do well on the interview process as well as giving an insight into the role and industry. I had access to plenty of resources including, LinkedIn Premium, LinkedIn Learning and Financial Edge. This was super helpful as they enhanced my skillset going into my internship.

What is your job role?

During my internship, I worked in a team called NCNB (New Clients New Business) in operations which assisted Investment banking and Global Capital Market teams to onboard clients for deal transactions. This involved understanding complex and sophisticated business structures, through organisational structure charts, financial statement analysis and public due diligence. I worked with numerous KYC programmes and issued requirements to Investment Banking clients whilst liaising with GFC (Global Financial Crimes) and Compliance & Legal to assist with each case.

What have been some highlights of your internship so far?

Meeting lots of different people on the programme and existing members was the main highlight of internship. Especially having a meeting with an Executive Director involved in blockchain technology explorations was intriguing as it was a key interest of mine. Furthermore, I was able to access the latest crypto and blockchain research.

What advice would you give to other University of Birmingham students or graduates considering applying to the programme this year?

Treat the interview as a conversation. This approach will help you to be relaxed and comfortable as much as possible.

Just Be You. The best person in the world that you know; IS YOU. This will enable you to convey yourself in a genuine, authentic and organic way.


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