UoB Elevate - video transcript

UoB Elevate start-up incubator programme

Elevate is an incubator programme and a community of start-ups being supported with advice, training and mentorship.
The Elevate programme has given us the opportunity to have a space and come away from working at home and on zoom and bring the whole team into one space.

Elevate has given me the space to grow in terms of a person and a business.

One of the greatest decisions I have made.

I never thought I would run my own business.

It's given me an ability to explore I would say a separate alternative route to life.

It's actually allowed me to imagine milestones that I probably wouldn't have started thinking about until Year 2 or 3 but I'm ready to start thinking about them now.

It is the funding just to be able to kick start an idea right? It's in that spirit of wanting to push you, wanting to get you to achieve your goals.

Being able to be a part of the collaborative effort here right in the middle if the city centre and working along side other businesses has been incredibly beneficial to us as a business but also to me as a founder.

I'd recommend Elevate to other people because it makes you feel part of a community, it makes you feel like you're not on your business start-up journey alone.

If this programme didn't exist there's no way I'd be nearly half as far down the line as I am currently. They have provided me with funding, with support, I've even got interns. It's just been a brilliant opportunity for me to develop my passion project into a real business.

Being here at The Exchange has helped me tremendously not only with my confidence but with my ability to network, being able to present myself in front of investors through all the various activities that the staff and have helped to set up.
I think it's important for students to explore entrepreneurship because it gives you a load of opportunities that you might not have otherwise had.

Say yes to every opportunity that comes down your way.

Just because you don't have a background in business because neither of us do, don't let that stop you going for it.


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