EPS HEFi Digital Team

Our role is to promote and provide support in the use of technology for teaching and learning. Our core aim is to enhance the student experience and our team offers a wide range of services to help you get the most out of Technology Enhanced Learning.

We can help you get started with Canvas, or support you with enhancements such as introducing online formative assessments to your programme. We can also support in the development of interactive learning content including, but not restricted to, 360 Virtual tours and video resources.

We support both academics and Education Support teams, and are available to run workshops, jump on a Teams call, meet face to face or to consult via email. We are based on the second floor of the Old Gym so feel free to pop by and say hello.

Meet the team

Joey spink

Joey Spink
Head of HEFi Digital (Interim)

Frida Johansson

Frida Johansson
Digital Education Developer

General Enquiries

For all staff support enquiries please email the College team with as much detail as possible and your query will be forwarded to the appropriate team member.

Email: epsdigitaleducation@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Case Studies

360 Degree Lab Tour (Chemical Engineering) - working alongside PHD student James White the team was tasked with developing a fully 360 degrees tour of a Chemical Engineering lab. Using ThingLink the images were stiched together (with video content included) to generate an imerssive and engaging virtual tour. Experience it for yourself by clicking on the image below!

Chem Eng Tour

VR Onboarding Course (Engineering) - working alongside academic colleagues in the School of Engineering we developed an onboarding course intended to prepare students for the use of VR during their course. Developed in Canvas the course included text guidance, 360 renders of the equipment and a video resource to guide students in the safe use of VR. You can watch the video below and take a look at the course by clicking the image below.


Accessibility Statements (Chemical Engineering) - Working alongside academics from Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy and Materials, we wrote and rolled out the University’s first School-level accessibility statements. Accessibility statements are designed to give the School the opportunity to be explicitly open with students about how accessible their teaching materials and environments are, any difficulties that may be encountered in making resources accessible, and inviting students to start a conversation about their accessibility requirements if needed.

These statements had two versions. A student-facing one with the above information, and a staff-facing one which included links to guidance and resources to help them meet the accessibility standards.

The statements can be viewed, along with further information about how to create your own, via our HEFi Guidance on Accessibility.

Support Resources

HEFi Digital act as both a development and support unit and have a bank of useful resources to assist you in the development of your digital content. These include

  • The HEFi Guidance Sharepoint site - self paced guidance covering all the core digital tools HEFi Digital support. These include Canvas, Panopto, PebblePad and Zoom. Each tool is broken down into key tasks and the site is entirely searchable making it incredibly easy to find the support you need!
  • HEFi Events, Seminars and workshops - keep up-to-date with the latest staff development and inivations by attending these  HEFi Digital run CPD events. The core "HEFi Digital CPD Sessions" run throughout the academic year on rotation with more bespoke sessions being offered on all aspects of Digital teaching.
  • HEFi MicroCPD Library - easy, accessible forms of MicroCPD on Teaching and Learning.



Professional Services