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Welcome to HEFI Digital at the College of Medical and Dental Sciences (MDS).

HEFi Digital facilitates the sharing of good practice in the use of digital tools across the University and offers training and support to embed their use to enhance the student experience.

In order to create, develop and deliver a distinctive digital education service, HEFi Digital will be offering forms of support for staff to help everyone to feel confident in embedding digital tools and strategies into their teaching. HEFi colleagues will work collaboratively with staff across the University to help with the development of new digital skills and ensure staff are able to make informed choices about the best use of digital tools to enhance student learning – on and off campus.

The Higher Education Futures Institute's (HEFi) mission is to support staff to deliver innovative and inclusive research-intensive teaching. The aim is to optimise student learning and prepare students for their futures. HEFi is open-access to facilitate shared learning with and from colleagues across the higher education sector.

Our expertise


The MDS HEFi Digital team is committed to making digital innovation a central part of our daily work and projects. We utilise interactive materials like video content, which includes elements like talking heads, dramatisations, and clinical procedure filming, as well as animation, 360-degree videos and images that provide external or international students a virtual tour of our facilities. We also utilise interactive content to create dynamic, customised learning experiences.  

Through these efforts, we enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of education within the College.

We also take the lead in coordinating local digital tools pilots and provide dedicated support for their successful implementation within the College. Additionally, we contribute a local perspective to institutional assessment tools trials.

Digital Support

We provide technical support to staff and students with queries relating to the University's core digital teaching and learning platforms, whether sent directly to the team email inbox or via the IT Service Portal

Our team can advise and guide staff in the design and development of assessment content using the University's core digital teaching and learning platforms.

Institutional Core Tools

We provide training, support and guidance for all the core digital tools, which encompass Padlet, Canvas, Canvas Admin, Panopto, Turnitin, Point Solutions, PebblePad and Padlet. Our primary objective is to enhance the delivery of learning resources and improve assessment and feedback through pedagogical research. 

The support we provide is aimed at improving the ease and innovative use of these tools for academics, programme admin teams, and student ambassadors. As such, we also provide guidance on relevant tool updates and continuously enhance the virtual learning experience for students through the projects we oversee.

MDS External Tools

As well as the core institutional tools, MDS utilises a range of external digital platforms such as Speedwell, Clinical Key and LT to support programme delivery and assessment across a range of areas within the college. 

Our team maintains a list of these tools on the 'Art of the Possible' which includes links to resources showcasing how they have been implemented by Academic Teams across the College, as well as best practice videos and webinars which can be watched on demand.

Programme Development

[Under development]

Training and Workshops

Or team specialise in the creation of workshops geared towards the induction of academic and professional service staff in the utilisation of digital learning tools. These workshops cover the University's core digital tools, including but not limited to the virtual learning environment, assessment and feedback systems, event capture software, and e-Portfolios.  

In addition, the team provide bespoke training and guidance to staff within the college, ensuring that this aligns with specific programme requirements. 


We produce regular updates, case studies and guidance via the Art of the Possible, the HEFi Online guidance site as well as the MDS College newsletter. Please do get in contact with the team should you want to explore working with the team related to our areas of expertise or if you’d like to understand how we can support you.

Support and Maintenance

There are many different ways to get support related to your teaching. Please do get in touch if you have any questions, need support or would like to work with the team.

Canvas 24/7 support

For Canvas related queries please contact 24/7 support: Did you know you can get help by contacting Canvas 24/7 Support directly? They can be contacted via the following routes:

  • Freephone (from within the UK) 0800 069 8899
  • Live chat with Canvas Support
  • File a support ticket using Report a problem from the Help menu
  • Students with programme related queries should contact the programme office in the first instance

Students of the College of Social Sciences should consult our support site in the first instance.

General Enquiries

For all staff support enquiries please email the College team with as much detail as possible and your query will be forwarded to the appropriate team member.

Contact us if you have any ideas or questions or would like to discuss ways that technology can be used within the College.


Meet the team

Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson
Head of HEFi Digital (MDS)


Amy Lord
Senior Digital Education Developer


Marjorie Collaco
Senior Digital Education Developer


Luke Westwood
Senior Digital Education Developer


Luna Liu
Digital Education Developer


Halimat Abdulai
Digital Education Developer

 Steve Bird

Steve Bird
Digital Education Developer


Liana Turner
Digital Education Developer

Team contact details (Current staff)

General Enquiries

For all staff support enquiries please email the College team with as much detail as possible and your query will be forwarded to the appropriate team member.

Contact us if you have any ideas or questions or would like to discuss ways that technology can be used within the College.


How to find us

You can come and see us anytime in Room WG43 in the main Medical School Building section B1 on the campus map (PDF 376Kb)

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