Alternative Feedback Methods - Using Core Digital Tools

Old Gym (Y1 on Campus Map), Old Gym Room 202A
Thursday 16 March 2023 (14:00-15:00)

This session aims to support you in leveraging the use of Canvas and Panopto to provide audio, video and speech to text feedback to students. In order to support you to increase accessibility to feedback for all students, save time and increase feedback efficiency. We will discuss the benefits that audio, video and text to speech feedback can have to increase student participation in feedback, how it can make feedback more accessible to learners with additional needs as well and those from diverse cultural backgrounds. How it can increase the efficiency of your feedback delivery and support all student’s learning and development.

We will provide the opportunity for you to explore audio, visual and text to speech feedback capabilities within the university's current digital tool infrastructure (Canvas and Panopto) as well as to briefly discuss other alternative tools. We aim to summarise the processes for creating feedback for students with different digital tools. Allowing you to experiment with creating digital feedback in a mock environment and to be able to self/peer evaluate this before utilising any methods with students. This will support you to identify the appropriate digital tool for your personal feedback style and where it can be employed with most value in your own professional practice.

This session will run face to face, please bring a device with you in order to practice creating feedback with some of the tools being discussed.

Facilitated by Gemma Westwood and Richard Morgan.

Please note that this event is exclusive to UoB staff


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