Understanding Feedback and Taking Action

Old Gym Room 202
Wednesday 24 May 2023 (11:00-12:00)


Dr Nikki Brooks will share how at DeMonfort University (DMU) they created a resource via a project team to support students in understanding their feedback. Nikki was the project lead.

Colleagues at the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at DMU found that students often did not understand how to act on feedback they were being provided with. The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences were consistently commended on the level and quantity of feedback and feedforward provided to students by external examiner reporting, yet this was not the perception of students. The project arose from causal conversations with Faculty Academic Leads, Library and Learning Services colleagues and the De Montfort Student Union (DSU). As a group of individuals working with students in diverse ways, a disconnect was noticed between the language used by academic staff to provide assessment, and students ability to interpret feedback and act. This language gap was hypothesized to be the cause of declining Assessment and Feedback scores in both the NSS and institutional feedback mechanisms.

The project team began by defining the aim of the project as follows:
  • To create an innovative resource which enables both staff and students to understand assessment and feedback terms in the same way.
  • To create a resource which converts brief feedback comments into action-based improvement plans which allow students to understand what they need to do differently in order to improve in any specific academic skill.
  • To embed the resource into marking systems.

    Nikki will discuss the rationale behind the project, the project aims, the implementation and the project evaluation as well as sharing the resource.

Please note that this event is exclusive to UoB staff


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