HEFi Research Network Workshop: Talking to the numbers: an introduction to quantitative methods for pedagogic research

Old Gym Room 202a Second Floor
Tuesday 20 February 2024 (13:00-15:00)


research event

This workshop introduces some of the principles, pitfalls and practice-hacks for designing quantitative projects for pedagogic research. The workshop is lead by Dr Anke Büttner of the School of Psychology and offers a basic introduction to key concepts in quantitative research, including the idea of measurement, ethics in quantitative research, and how to design survey questions. In the first part of the workshop, participants will work on designing a basic questionnaire or quantitative study idea to use in a pedagogic context. In the second part, participants will work with Excel to have a go at ‘talking’ to the data.

Facilitators: Anke Büttner (Psychology)

Please note this event is for internal only

Should you have any questions or queries in advance, please contact Marios Hadjianastasis


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