Gold Open Access

'Gold' open access journals

You can pay an Article Processing Charge (APC) to publish in a journal that is fully open access and has no subscription fees – this is one of the 'gold' routes to open access. 

'Gold' open access agreements

We have invested in a number of open access agreements with publishers, to make the process faster and easier for our researchers. Some provide discounts on individual article processing charges or the cost may be covered through an institutional prepay account. Several others have no additional cost at all, and are transformative agreements in alignment with Plan S

Subscription ‘hybrid’ journals

You can pay an APC to publish an individual paper as open access in a journal that otherwise restricts access to subscribers - this is the hybrid 'gold' open access route.

If your funding agency requires open access to your publications, this route may allow you to publish in a journal that is otherwise restricted.

However, you may find that the same publisher also permits a 'green' OA route allowing you to self-archive compliantly for free.

To go 'gold':

You may be eligible to apply to have an APC paid through the Library Services Open Access budgets. 

  • If your research is not funded and you wish to publish in a fully open access journal, you may be able to apply for our Internal Open Access Fund. You should check if you are eligible before submitting your paper, by completing a University APC request form
  • If your research is funded, and you wish to publish in a fully open access or hybrid journal, you may be able to apply to use one of our central Open Access block grants, or make other arrangements directly with your funder - see our funder open access pages to check whether this is an option.
  • PGR students may apply for open access funds if co-authoring with a member of University staff. In such applications, the APC request form must be completed by the member of UoB staff. If you’re a PGR student submitting without a staff co-author, please contact the Open Access team.
  • Provisos on the use of the budget are:
    • It must be a peer-reviewed research article (as opposed to a review or letter etc). Books and book chapters are not eligible.
    • The output should usually be published with a Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC-BY). More information on CC licences can be found on our copyright pages.
    • The University of Birmingham must be acknowledged or given as the institutional affiliation.
    • Any grants must be acknowledged in the article as the funder.
    • On publication, you are encouraged by the University to deposit a copy of the final PDF of your 'gold' OA publication into the University of Birmingham Research Archive (UBIRA), using Pure.
    • The open access budgets do not cover additional publisher costs, such as page or colour charges.

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