Resource lists

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ResourceLists@Bham is the University’s reading list system, making access to resources much easier.  With a Resource List for your module, you can provide one-click access to a multitude of resources, request digital scans of hardcopy content, trigger automatic ordering of course texts and provide clear guidance to your students about the resources they should be engaging with.

To ensure the materials for your module are available to your students, please use Resource Lists to trigger automatic ordering of course texts for the library. See timings for ordering.

Getting started

  1. Login to ResourceLists@Bham and create your profile.
  2. Search for your module title(s). If there are any existing resource lists available which correspond to your modules, email to let us know and we will give you editing access.
    If you need a brand new resource list to be created, email us the list and we will set it up. Please include the module title, code, approximate student numbers and the importance of each item (i.e. ‘suggested for student purchase’, ‘essential’, ‘recommended’ or background’)
  3. Once set up with your list, you can add items to it and request digitisations of relevant chapters (subject to copyright). Guidance is available on Canvas. Alternatively, sign up to a workshop or get in touch with your library engagement advisor for one-to-one help.

Updating and editing your lists each semester

Please use our checklist (PDF - 384KB) to make sure your module Resource Lists are ready for the start of the semester.


  • Bookmark new items and remove old items from your list. See Canvas guidance here.
  • Structure your list and add notes. See Canvas guidance here.
  •  Add importances to items. See Canvas guidance here.
  •  Request copyright-approved scans of hardcopy texts (10% or 1 chapter, whichever is greater, subject to copyright). Canvas guidance is here.

If you need any new lists setting up for the semester, contact with the module title and code.

Request review

  • To trigger automatic ordering of any new texts, editions or e-versions of items on your list, as well as a library-use only copy, ensure you have added importances to hardcopy items and included student numbers- canvas guidance is here.
  • Click request review to then trigger a library check of your list. See our advised timings for ordering resources.

Publish and add to Canvas

  • Click Publish to make your list and any changes visible to students. You can then embed your list in canvas alongside all other materials for your module. Canvas guidance is here.

Please note

Clicking ‘publish’ will not trigger a library check of your list. You will still need to click ‘request review’.

Where do I find help?

  • Please see our online Resource Lists guidance on canvas.
  • Please get in touch with your Library Engagement Advisor for 1:1 help or with any queries.
  • Attend a Resource Lists Workshop.- sign up here.
  • For support with other online teaching tools at the University, explore the HEFi Learning and Teaching Gateway here.