Resource lists

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ResourceLists@Bham is the University’s reading list system. It provides one-click access to a multitude of resources, the ability to request digital scans of hardcopy content and automatic ordering of course texts.

To ensure the materials for your module are available to your students, we can help with our resource list process.

1. Accessing and setting up your lists: login to ResourceLists@Bham and create your profile. Search for your module title(s).

If there are any resource lists available which correspond to your modules, email to let us know and we will give you editing access.

If you need a new resource list to be created, email us and we will set it up. Let us know the module title and code.

2. Once set up with your list, you can add items to it and request digitisations of relevant chapters (subject to copyright). Guidance is available on Canvas. Alternatively, sign up to a workshop or get in touch with your library engagement advisor for one-to-one help.

3. Ensure that all items on your resource list are assigned an 'importance'. This will help your students to prioritise their reading, and help us in knowing numbers required for ordering.

4. Once your list is ready, click 'publish'. You will be prompted for student numbers. This will then send an automatic trigger through to library acquisitions to check your list for new items, new editions and e-copies.

5. For further help, contact your library engagement advisor.

Submitting order requests to your library rep

If you need to submit an urgent order for course texts and you aren’t set up with ResourceLists, you can still order requests for resource list materials via your departmental library rep.

When submitting your orders to your Library Rep (Excel - 51KB), please include the following details:

  • Text details (title, author, ISBN etc) and whether an e-copy is preferred if available.
  • Resource list/module title and module code
  • Approximate student numbers for the module