Timings for requesting teaching resources

ResourceLists@Bham is the University’s reading list system. To ensure the materials for your module are available to your students, please use Resource Lists to trigger automatic ordering of course texts for the library.

To get started, see our help page.

Timings for triggering automatic ordering

To trigger automatic ordering of any new texts, editions or e-versions of items on your list, as well as a library-use only copy, ensure you have added importances to hardcopy items and included student numbers - Canvas guidance is here. Then click request review to trigger a library check of your list.


Your lists will be reviewed and we have the best chance of delivering your resources for the beginning of the Semester.

Semester 1: June to July 2019

Semester 2: October to 8 November 2019 


Your lists will be reviewed but please note, this is our peak ordering period. Your lists will join a queue and delivery times may be longer.

Semester 1: August to September 2019

Semester 2: 9 to 30 November 2019 


Your lists will be reviewed but they will join a queue. It is unlikely that new or extra resources will be available until later in the Semester.

Semester 1: October onwards

Semester 2: December 2019 to January 2020  

Where do I find help?

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