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Airgoo is a simple-to-use signage platform. It is mainly used to show room bookings outside our teaching rooms but is also used across the campus to show news feeds (RSS), images and videos for marketing and information. HTML5 templates can give easy-to-use templates requiring no skill to add simple messages. Airgoo features some HTML5 straight out of the box, more can be developed for you in-house or by external designers.

Photo of portrait format Airgoo marketing screen in Main LibraryAirgoo screen outside a teaching room 

If you are an Airgoo user and  are having a problem, or require a password reset, please contact TAMU : x43322 or

Airgoo is for the public display of information - it should not be used for confidential content.

User Guides

Airgoo Guide for beginners v1
Template production using Tumult Hype   [requires  staff login, updated 16 August 2019]


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