Vivi - wireless projection from your device

With the proliferation of device types and video connections, we know that many users want to seamlessly project from their device.

The six teaching rooms in Frankland and one group study rooms in the Main Library are now equipped with Vivi. It makes connectivity really easy and allows screen sharing for all devices in the room.

With Vivi, lecturers are now given the freedom to navigate their classroom with no restrictions. You can engage with both the screen and the students from any point in the room, increasing student engagement. 

Students can present their exciting ideas to the entire class, with lecturer permission. This allows for immediate teacher and peer feedback, providing an excellent opportunity to reinforce learning objectives and increase confidence. 

Vivi makes it simple and easy to switch control between students and their lecturer, allowing for a free-flowing efficient learning environment. Screen sharing will encourage students to be respectful, develop negotiation and cooperation skills, leading to a much more collaborative learning environment.

Choose Vivi as the source on the AV touch panel. See full instructions. A free training course by Vivi is highly recommended. You will need your University Active Directory credentials to use this service.


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