Advice for Event Organisers - Bimodal, music and more


Please do not book or advertise an event in one of our large theatres without talking to us first. The introduction of fully bimodal technology and of complex multi-stream edge-blended projection means that some use-case scenarios may require additional configuration or may no longer possible in some of these rooms.

Recorded music

If you wish to play recorded music through our audio equipment then you will need to hold a venue licence from the PRS/PPL ('The Music Licence', available on the PRS website). We will ask to make sure you have the right licence before we can play your music choice. Please note that the University does not hold a campus-wide music licence.

Fully bimodal rooms

The whole audience is audible through myriad ceiling microphones (separately mutable via the touchpanel on the lectern).

If a conference is bimodal, panel sessions are best achieved by having the panel sit in the audience. If a conference is for in-room participants only panel discussions are best made with tabletop microphones on the traditionally oriented panel using a complete separate sound system, that we can install for the event.

Requests to switch off equipment

 In our larger rooms the equipment rack contains a managed network switch vital for network connectivity in the room. We cannot switch this equipment off.

Requests for wired network connectivity

 These are difficult to obtain, either through a shortage of sockets or of IP addresses. We will attempt to get a registration for you, but do note that some addresses may be on the University’s AV  VLANs and not the more open 147.188.*.* network.

Edge blending

 Teaching & Learning Building LT1 uses edge-blending to project up to 4 screen streams, Any changes to that are extremely complex and can only be achieved if given substantial available time before and after the event.

Bimodal function in a non-bimodal room

 If good quality video is needed then use one of our 20 large bimodal venues. Our 40 smaller bimodal-enabled rooms have an installed soundbar with integrated camera and microphone and are perfect for small discussions/meetings. Portable equipment is suitable for small rooms only. A Logitech Group or Meeting Owl is a great idea for small groups in small rooms but has an audio pickup limited to just three metres. 


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