Video conferencing

LRAT and TAMU support two video-conferencing platforms: Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

  • Zoom is the popular choice. Some of our teaching rooms are Zoom Rooms with the added functionality needed for simultaneous bimodal teaching.
  • Teams is tightly integrated into Microsoft 365 and is increasingly the favoured choice.


Teams is bundled as part of Office 365 and authenticates using your active directory username and password.


Zoom authentication now uses your  University email address and your Active Directory password. More details are available in a knowledgebase article. For support email



Portable hardware for video-conference sessions

Book a Logitech Group video-conferencing Kit for better quality  Teams, Zoom and Skype connections.


For smaller huddle groups the Meeting Owl is a great option - featuring smart recognition of participants


Rooms with fixed video-conferencing

Starleaf codec

  • Frankland Computer Cluster (a CAL room)

Crestron UC-SB1-CAM

For use with web services such as Zoom or Teams

  • ERI 224 (capacity 12) and 144 (capacity 14)
  • Arts 237 (capacity 12) and 105 (capacity 16) 

Zoom Room Full bimodal setup

Zoom-only but with full capability of simultaneous bimodal delivery.

  • Teaching & Learning Building LT1
  • Teaching & Learning Building 202

Desktop Video Conferencing

This  only requires a web camera and microphone (and - ideally - headphones). Software such as Teams and Starleaf is free and  easy to use. It is ideal for non-critical one-to-one meetings. Do note that generally Skype and Skype for Business are not interoperable.


 Skype is a home-consumer product for making video calls to other Skype users. A standard, free Skype account is suitable for camera plus audio communication on a one to one or multiway basis, where quality and assurance is not important.

Users are responsible for creating their own Skype user account which is essential for using the software. 

LRAT does not support the Skype part of the meeting at all but we can hire out USB cameras and microphones configured for the platform. LRAT staff will only set up the equipment and cannot offer any assistance in case the link breaks down. LRAT lecterns feature Skype but are not equipped with webcams.

Dubai Campus

IT Services have issued this authoritative advice.

How to book

Bookings by external customers should be made by email to

Bookings by internal customers should be made using our online booking system. For the LRAT video-conference room choose the location Aston Webb Building - Great Hall Block: LRAT Video Conference Room and book the item: Video Conference Room and Equipment - Aston Webb

Booking for the portable video-conference kit should be made at least one week in advance (to allow time for network registration). Booking of a room should allow an hour of setup time before the conference, and 30 minutes de-rig time after the conference. 


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