Legacy media: 35mm slides and VHS

Overhead projectors (OHP's)

These were removed from centrally managed teaching rooms in October 2015. Users should use visualisers instead.

Using 35mm slides and VHS tapes

35mm slides and VHS videotapes are now regarded as legacy media. Kodak ceased production of 35mm Carousel equipment in 2003 and LRAT can therefore no longer provide any 35mm equipment in rooms. Domestic VHS equipment is now no longer made and commercial equipment is almost unobtainable. LRAT ran out of stocks of portable VHS players in September 2014, and their loan is now no longer possible.

Staff who are dependent on resources in these media should migrate the resources to digital formats as soon as possible, whenever copyright restrictions allow. Resources purchased commercially cannot be transferred without the authorisation of the copyright holder – in these cases, purchasing the material in digital media will be the best option.

In October 2015 all remaining 35mm slide projectors were removed from centrally managed rooms.

Withdrawal of migration facilities

The VHS and 35mm migration facilities did not move to the new Main Library in 2016 and have been decommissioned. Users of 35mm had 13 years' notice of the need to change formats, and it seemed reasonable to withdraw the service.

The bulk slide scanner at the LRAT stores no longer works. We can suggest commercial providers of digitisation.


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