Student loan equipment

LRAT lend digital sound recorders and 4K DV cameras to students. 

Booking-out procedure

Loan equipment should be collected from and returned to LRAT's main stores underneath the Great Hall on the Edgbaston Campus. Access is from the rear of the Aston Webb building - see our contact information for directions.

To borrow equipment you must provide LRAT with a valid student ID card. Loans are available to all normally registered students of the University of Birmingham who:

  • are not in the status 'Financial Hold' with the University
  • have not lost or damaged any LRAT equipment previously

Sound recorders cannot be booked or reserved in advance. They are issued on a first come, first served basis.

You will check the contents of the equipment package with LRAT staff and then sign agreements as to the loan and the use of the equipment. You will need to be prepared to sign an agreement taking full personal responsibility for theft, loss or damage.

Looking after the equipment and security

You will be responsible for the security of all or part of the equipment during the loan. Any loss or damage will be invoiced to you. This applies also in case of theft - the borrower should make insurance provision for this. We will invoice for all loss or damage, and non-payers will be put on 'financial hold' which could lead to you not being awarded a degree.



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