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If you are studying your postgraduate programme in a second language and need to improve your Academic English, you can find a range of flexible options with the Birmingham International Academy (BIA).

The BIA is part of the University of Birmingham and provides free courses and sessions to all international students at the University.  The BIA is accredited by the British Council and has a team of expert instructors that aim to improve students’ Academic English.

We offer a range of sessions and courses for postgraduate students that includes but not exclusive to dissertation writing skills, communication skills, synthesising skills, reading skills and individualised support.

If you are new to the BIA, you can self-enrol on our Canvas Course to explore our sessions. Alternatively, you can access the BIA student’s intranet pages, to find more about what we offer.

Here is a selection of some of the courses and sessions available to you. All sessions will use Zoom and links are made available: some sessions are also recorded. You can find more detailed information on our intranet pages and Canvas Course.

Lunchtime English

Come along to our lunchtime lectures delivered daily on Zoom throughout the spring term. There is a different topic each day. You can view the topics on the Canvas course.

1-1 Academic English

Book an appointment on a 1-1 tutorial with an academic English tutor. You can send information to the tutors on what you wish to discuss. Details are on the Canvas course.

Synthesise for Success

Sign up to our short course to improve your use of source material and writing techniques. Sign-up options are on the Canvas course.

Thesis writing

Sign up to our short course to improve your thesis or dissertation writing skills. Sign-up options are on the Canvas course.

Academic English for PGRs

Sign up for the 5 session course and develop your skills in understanding supervisor feedback, avoiding plagiarism, the language of literature, writing critically, and proof reading techniques. Sign-up options are on the Canvas course.

Visit the BIA Canvas course for further information: Self-enrol on the Canvas course

Student Intranet page: Access the website

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