Adapting to university life

Adapting to life at university can be challenging. It means learning to work independently, usually with much less structure than you may be used to and for many students it means living away from home for the first time. 

Time management

Time management is not just about getting to lectures on time, doing your reading and handing asignments in on time. Effectively managing all aspects of your life (from doing your washing and cooking nutritious meals, to making sure you have time to relax and spend time with friends), will help you to cope with your new life. Have a look at some of our suggestions.

Get Cooking!

Eating well is important. Have a look at some of the simple recipes and budgeting tips suggested by our students, staff and alumni.

  • Get Cooking! 
  • Tips on cooking on a budget 

Self Help Guides

The University has produced a series of Self Help Guides which provide practical advice and support for a range of issues that may be affecting your sense of wellbeing and preventing you from settling into university. All of the Guides are free to download. 


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