Your rights and responsibilities

Read about your responsibilities and your rights, including complaints and appeals. 

Student Charter

The Student Charter, developed in conjunction with the Guild of Students, highlights the entitlements and responsibilities of students of the University, sets out the principles of the University-student partnership and demonstrates the University's commitment to students.

Equality and Diversity

Find out more about the equality and diversity support available for students and how to participate.

  • Equality and Diversity website

Student conduct processes

The University provides online information about student conduct processes. The processes outlined include plagiarism, examination irregularities, fitness to practise, student misconduct.

Raising a concern or an appeal

The University is committed to providing a high quality experience to all its students. However, we understand that sometimes things go wrong, and we recognise the need for students to be able to express their dissatisfaction where this happens.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can be physical, emotional, verbal – anything that makes another person feel uncomfortable or intimidated. The University and the Guild of Students expect that all members of the student and staff community are treated with respect. We do not tolerate sexual harassment in any form.  

The Student Charter highlights the importance of demonstrating respect, good conduct and the ambassadorial responsibilities that are expected as being a member of the student community.

If you experience sexual harassment, help and advice is available.

  • The Harassment Advice Service is free, confidential and open to anyone, staff or student, who want to talk about harassment.
  • To view the full range of our support services and resources, see the Support for Students website.
  • Students can also get support from Guild Advice at the Guild of Students

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Sources of advice and support

Guild Advice - Guild of Students

Guild Advice provides support for appeals, extenuating circumstances, and issues of plagiarism. They can also offer a sabbatical officer to represent you during any of these proceeding.

Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience

The DPVC for Student Experience provides academic help and support to students individually and collectively when academic concerns raised with their Department or School remain unresolved.

Equality and Diversity Adviser

The Equality and Diversity Adviser (Students) is responsible for promoting the development and implementation of the University’s equality and diversity policies in relation to students and student issues.

Student Help

If you are unsure whom you need to contact, please visit the knowledge base or submit a query.


Professional Services