Staff Parking

There are two options for new and existing staff parking at the University.



You can opt to purchase a fixed fee monthly permit paid via your salary, or you can choose to pay a daily fee on arrival.  The Fixed Monthly Fee parking permit is only available to staff that are either a permanent or fixed term salaried member of staff.

Those staff with Temporary;  Casual ; Associate contracts will need to choose the pay on arrival option. See further details below. 

 Access to barriered areas of campus is controlled by using your Staff ID card. If you are encountering a problem with access via your card please e-mail us at

Any change to your ID card version number must also be advised to us so that we can update the car parking database.

Any permanent or temporary changes in vehicle must be advised to Car Parking Services as soon as possible.

 Thinking about car sharing?

Accessible Parking

Some dedicated parking provision is made for disabled users. Disabled staff are entitled to free access to the campus; valid blue badges must be clearly displayed. Please complete your registration details on the Fixed Monthly Fee form above and upload a copy of both sides of your blue badge (you will not be required to complete the payment section).




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