Choose Your Way UoB: Public Transport


We catch up with Anita Paine, cleaning services supervisor at the university. Her on-campus role means she relies heavily on her annual bus pass, and the freedom it brings.

You’ve had a bus season ticket for a while now—what makes it practical for you?

It is practical for me as there is no hunting for change when I get the on bus. I also use mine when not in work. I can go out and about I don’t have to think can “I jump on this bus or not?” By getting the season ticket, I can travel on any bus, and hop on and off as much as I like, wherever I want to go.

The cost is taken from wages every month so I don’t actually miss the money and it gives peace of mind to know it’s paid for.  Yes, it’s seems a lot at first glance but, by the end of the year, it saves a lot money with the discount, and payments are spread out month by month.


Why do you choose to commute by bus? 

I have to come in early for my job and catching the bus early in the morning makes you realise how many people are doing the same.  It is always the same people on my bus and I’ve got to know them, sometimes making friends for life!

I used to have a lift into work and back home again but that came to an end. Then someone told me I could get a pass from work instead of trying to remember to get my pass monthly so I applied and haven’t looked back. My pass is always in my bag so if I need to use its there. I even use my pass during working hours, if I need to get to the Vale, for instance. If the bus comes by I just jump on!


What advice would you give to a colleague starting travelling to work by bus?

I would download Moovit as it gives you times of the next bus when on the go. There are similar features on TfWM's Swift app and the UoB Campus Map app.

I would recommend to any one wanting to use public transport to have a yearly pass, whether on the bus, train or a combined network pass as it saves so much hassle.

It is a really good idea to note down when the pass finishes and to put the form in one month before when you rely on it for work. That way it carries over seamlessly to the next year!


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