Student Casual Workers

I have been offered a casual job on campus, what do I do next?

If you have been offered a casual job on campus through your course or through your department then your hiring manager will be in touch with Worklink to provide a casual work requisition.

If this is your first time working casually on campus then at this point you will be contacted by the Worklink team requesting that you complete an on-boarding process. In line with employment law you will need to visit the Worklink office with your right to work documents at least 24 hours prior to starting work in order to be eligible for payment. Any failure to do so will result in you not being able to receive payment for this work and if you are a Tier 4 VISA student then this can result in very serious implications (see below in the student toolkit).

If you have previously worked on campus through Worklink and have previously provided up-to-date right to work documents then you will not need to do this again. You will be contacted by the Worklink team with an offer of casual employment and you will need to log into Core Systems to submit your hours through timecards. 


Legal Requirements

  • The University has a duty to prevent illegal working in the UK by carrying out prescribed document checks on people before employing them to ensure they are lawfully allowed to work. All students must register with Worklink at least 24 hours prior to commencing work.
  • The University must not offer or permit hours that would cause the student to be in breach of their visa conditions.  The Home Office consider this to be a breach of the Immigration Act, 1971 Section 25(1) – ‘Facilitating the commission of a breach of immigration law’.