Sustainable Commuting Videos for Staff


As pandemic restrictions ease and we look to a new academic year on campus, here are a set of videos  taking a look at the travel options available to staff commuters. Apart from the health benefits of walking and cycling or the time gained for reading or listening to music on a bus or train journey, colleagues can take advantage of excellent facilities, incentives and benefits for sustainable travel. The presentation looks at the main transport modes: walking, cycling, bus, train and sustainable driving. It has been recorded in sections, one short video per mode, so you can pick and choose which to watch:

  1. Walking (1.30 mins)
  2. Cycling (3 mins)
  3. Bus (2 mins)
  4. Train (3 mins)
  5. Sustainable Driving (2.30 mins)

Use the sustainable travel intranet site to find out more information, and please don’t hesitate to contact Edward ( if you’d like further support choosing a sustainable commute.


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