Jane Wint

"I have always liked learning and love how things can be broken down and rebuilt to make them more efficient. I would consider myself a problem-solver, so what I contribute sometimes tends to fall under the radar..." 

Tell us a bit about yourself...

I have been working for the University since 2002, when my hair was still largely black, and I didn't cover most of it with an African headwrap! I applied for a job in Student Recrords on the off-chance, as I was unhappy in my previous role in PR, and was quite surprised to be offered the position. Prior to working in PR, I have also worked at the Rep Theatre, Waterstones and at the NEC.

What's your job now, and how long have you been doing it?

For the last 10 years I have been working in the Curriculum Management Team, which is based in Registry. We are a small team, and in farness, I usually gloss over the details of the job to stop people's eyes glazing over! However, in a nutshell, we are responsible for the details of the curriculum held electronically. This means the creation and maintenance of programmes and modules data, consequently affecting areas such as Student Loans Company courses database, HESA, Fees, CMA compliance factsheets, Widening Horizons MOdules, MIU updates and much more. In these profiles, it is usual to whip out the cliche 'no two days are the same' which is very true in my role as it has changed and expanded over my time here, although there is a general cycle where some of the duties listed above are completed.

What has helped your career whilst working here?

I have always liked learning and love how things can be broken down and rebuilt to be more efficient. Being called 'efficient' is one of the compliments I remember being told to me. I would describe myself as a problem-solver and so what I contribute sometimes tends to go under the radar, especially as typically (and unfortunately) as a woman, I tend not to be great at seeing my own qualities. I would say people have helped my career, especially the former Director of Student Services, Chris Twine. He treated me as an equal and therefore as an intelligent person. 

What advice would you give to other members of staff?

I would always advise staff to tell the truth in a situation where there is ambiguity. I would also advise to always be yourself as opposed to what you think people might want to see. People are quick to spot if you are not being authentic.

Who would you have as dinner guests if you could choose anyone?

Nelson Mandela, Lee Carroll (spiritual channeller), Rosetta Tharpe (pioneering guitar player), Beethoven, Rupert Smith (author), and my mum who would have to cook because she's brilliant at it and I'm er...not!

What keeps you sane outside of work?

I am very suspicious of what ingredients are used in skincare products, so I make my own facial oil, body cream and hair conditioner. Apart from the love of all kinds of music and books, I am into crystal therapy and healing. And last, but definitely not least, predictably for my gender and ages, I adore cats!

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