People Like Me

We aim to celebrate the work and journeys of all staff to showcase the diversity and breadth of skills and knowledge that we bring to the University. Everybody has a part to play in making the University a success; from the cleaners who make sure offices/work-spaces are fit for purpose; to the staff who aim to recruit the best quality students and staff to the University; to the catering staff who make sure we can all access sustenance; and each and eveyone in-between. We all matter!

Read their profiles below:

Daniel Stone - Graduate Management Trainee

Jane Wint - Curriculum Management Officer - Registry

Tendai Makuwatsine - Technical Support Lead - Physics and Astronomy

Don't see someone like you? Want to take part yourself? We are always looking for new people to feature on the page and add to our collections. If you are interested in being featured please complete the profile questions below:


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