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Subscribing to Mailing Lists

The following mailing lists have been created to keep you up to date on Matlab courses , issues and success stories.

matlab-user-group-announce : This mailing list is used to give information about upcoming courses, seminars and tutorials by internal staff or external companies. This mailing list has a relatively low number of emails sent to it. If you  need to send information to this mailing list, then please contact Meurig Gallagher, Assistant Professor (, Chair of the Matlab Specialist Interest Group.

matlab-user : This mailing lists is used to talk to other members of the lists, and is used primarily to talk about Matlab issues and / or how they were overcome. This is useful, if you want to find answers to problems or give general advice on how certain parts of Matlab work.

How to subscribe to mailing lists

To subscribe to any of the mailing lists detailed above, please send a blank, plain text email to majordomo at Please do not have anything in the subject line. In the body of the message add the following.

subscribe matlab-user-group-announce


subscribe matlab-user

Depending which mailing lists you would like to register for.

In the event of any issues with the mailing lists please log a call with the IT Service Desk.



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