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MATLAB User Group

Several users have got together under the guise of the MATLAB User Group, chaired by Meurig Gallagher (School of Mathematics), to enable users at the University of Birmingham to understand MATLAB and get the best out of this software. It is important to enable users to talk to each other and help overcome issues thereby taking their research one step further.


We deliver MATLAB training based on the Software Carpentry curriculum. More information can be found here.

Training and Support materials

The University has purchased the MATLAB Academy Online Training Suite. This gives FREE access to online courses including MATLAB Fundamentals and MATLAB for Data Processing and Visualization. Instructions on how to access this can be found here: 

There is a self-enrol Introduction to MATLAB Canvas course containing numerous videos and exercises on different aspects of the software:  

There is also a MATLAB user group and a mailing list for the sharing of ideas and asking questions:

 The MathWorks website has a section specifically for students:

There are also MATLAB training videos on the BEAR YouTube channel:


Training documents are listed below.

To download any documents please select any links, this will open to a new page.


The following books are a small selection and may be of use

  • Moore, H. (2007) MATLAB for Engineers. Pearson Prentice Hall.
  • Gilat, A. (2008) MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications. John Wiley and Sons
  • Etter, D. (1996) An Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists Prentice Hall
  • Hahn, B.D. and Valentine, D.T. (2009) Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists, Butterworth-Heinemann
  • Gustafsson, F. and Bergman, N. (2003) MATLAB for Engineers Explained. Springer-Verlag. 


The internet is full of information, but we would recommend that a visit to the Mathworks website (the company that currently owns MATLAB) would be a good starting point.


We have a selection of self-paced video tutorials on YouTube, these can be found here on the YouTube Matlab playlist.



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