Birmingham In Action - How to #JoinIn

Birmingham In Action is a campaign that belongs to everyone across our University community.

As well as the many ways you, your research or those you work to support could benefit, there are also many different ways for you to join in.

Staff Volunteering Allowance

We know that the staff of the University volunteer in support of many diverse causes and those in need across their communities. As part of Birmingham In Action, we want to celebrate those staff who create positive impact in our region and support them in furthering their development beyond their substantive role.

Launched in October 2019, all University colleagues are entitled to a volunteering allowance of one day per year to volunteer for a cause that matters to them. This allowance is part of the University’s wider commitment to both the professional development of our staff and our civic responsibilities to our city and region.

Become a Campaign maker

Endorse the campaign: you are the face your colleagues know and the voice they trust. Encourage those you work with and support to find out how they can benefit as part of Birmingham In Action.


Students need mentors who are able to share their career expertise and volunteers can translate for refugees and identify bugs in woodlands. Can you help?


As staff, you already do so much. But if a particular cause has captured your attention, you may be interested in supporting it with a regular financial gift.

Leaving a Legacy

Turn your lifelong passions into opportunities for the next generation. Leaving a gift in your will can recognise the role the University has played in your life, change the world for the next generation and give others the chance to follow in your footsteps.

Join a Birmingham In Action programme/Seek funding for your work

Could your research change a life, or make a difference to the world? To start a conversation about whether your project might have philanthropic appeal contact Katie Powell, Head of Campaign Management on

For the students you support

You can help the students you support understand the opportunities available to them from charitable giving. We can share how they can benefit and if they may be eligible for bursaries, scholarships, mentors, career talks and more. This can improve employability and the student experience.


Professional Services