Molecular physicist becomes Innsbruck Honorary Professor

L-R: Vice Chancellor of Innsbruck University, UoB's Dr Mayhew, and Prof Scheier, Head of Physics at Innsbruck UniversityDr Christopher A Mayhew, Head of Molecular Physics within the School of Physics and Astronomy, has been awarded the title of Honorary Professor at the University of Innsbruck in recognition of his international research in Molecular Physics. Mayhew was one of only three awardees in 2013.

Dr Mayhew said; “It is a considerable honour to be one of only three scientists to be awarded an Honorary Professorship in 2013 at such a distinguished university and it is very satisfying to know that our research at the University of Birmingham is held in such high regard.”

Innsbruck University is Austria’s top university and has an institute devoted to the investigations of ionic physics. The award was in recognition of the international research being performed at Birmingham in this area.

“During the last twenty years I have established a unique suite of instrumentation used for the study of ionic physics”, Mayhew continued. “This provides a cutting-edge multidisciplinary facility for innovative and distinctive applied and basic research. Our fundamental investigations involves the investigations of the collisions of electrons and ions with molecules, and the more applied multidisciplinary programmes of research covers technological plasma physics and analytical sciences, with the latter predominantly focusing on Homeland Security and Health Sciences.”

The Molecular Physics group investigates the collisions and interactions of atomic and molecular ions and electrons with gas phase neutral molecular species. This has led to the development of novel instrumentation for studying plasma processes occurring in diverse environments such as the interstellar medium and planetary atmospheres and used in technological processing. You can read more about the group here:  


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