NERC Grant Applications

The following information is relevant to those who are considering applications for grants to NERC.

As you may know from January 2017 the University will be subject to a cap on the number of applications that we can submit, coupled to this we know that NERC has seen a significant increase in the quality of applications that are being received, and it is therefore vital that we are allowing sufficient time to develop out proposals and ensure the best chances of success. With this in mind we will be starting our internal process much earlier than has been the case previously and will follow the timetable outlined below.

Please note that these deadlines should be strictly adhered to.

26 September 2016: Deadline for EoIs - Please send EoI to your Research Theme Lead copied to Jen Jennings, LES Research Support Partner (  ext 45890). Guidance on what should be included in the EoI is attached to this email. A pitch to peers session will be arranged by the RSO at this stage.

21 November 2016: Deadline for submission of documents ahead of RT-Specific panel - Please submit the following documents to Jen Jennings, copying your Research Facilitator: Full case for support, Pathways to Impact, Justification of Resources, Lay summary. Research Theme specific panels will take place in the week commencing 28th November. Research Theme Specific panels will provide constructive, written, feedback on applications including indicative scores and will make go/no-go recommendations.

6 January 2016: Deadline for submission of final draft - please send a final copy of your application including all JeS sections and attachments to Jen Jennings copied to your Research Facilitator. The final prioritisation panel will take place in the week commencing 9th January. The panel will rank the grants and make final decisions on submission.

Please direct any questions to Jen Jennings.


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