New Campus Network Connections

IT Services wish to advise staff that all devices that are to be connected to the campus wired network must be registered before connection. This follows two recent cases of badly configured equipment causing serious disruption to other users of the network in the immediate area and in neither case was the device registered first. Please note that personally owned devices are not usually registered on the campus wired network.

To have your device registered, please use the IT service desk to make a request and include the following information:

• The Owner of the machine.
• The Technical Contact if different from the Owner above.
• The MAC address of the network (ethernet) socket on the machine you wish to register.
• The HSCN Connection Socket number.
• The Room and Building where the machine is located.
• Type of device.

Relocating Networked Equipment

Not every wall socket on campus is configured for network and even where it is, the established network configuration may not be compatible with your device. Please notify the IT team using the IT service desk prior to moving any networked device to a new socket. This will allow IT services to pre-configure the device for the new socket and to minimise disruption when you move. The team will also be able to transfer any networked software licenses before you move.

There is more information about this issue in the IT service desk knowledge base – KB13038


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